Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters
July 4, 2011 Lorelie

One of the most commonly known natural sources of energy is the sun. It is practically free to use by everyone and it is there most of the time, unless of course if it is the rainy season. The energy of the sun or otherwise called solar energy has been very useful to us since the beginning of time. One of the best uses of solar energy would be to heat up water. A solar water heater is useful not only for residential purposes, but also for offices, organizations as well as in the industrial world. With solar water heaters, you can enjoy having hot water and also get to enjoy the benefits of low-cost consumption.

One good way of being able to cut costs or consume less energy and also to help the environment is to develop your very own solar water heater. Before you start developing your own solar water heater, you need to estimate the amount of water that is consumed by your family. Most people agree that an average person uses about 30 gallons of water per day. You do not have to immediately go and buy a new water tank. Just have a look around and settle for a second-hand electrical heater tank that will meet your family’s estimated water requirements. Some ideas to help you find an electrical heater for your solar water heater would be to look at a plumbing company, a local dumping ground, through a garage sale or maybe even on ads on the newspaper or Internet.

Find a spot wherein it is always exposed by the sun as well as find out if that specific spot is always getting the optimum exposure from the sun most of the day. Many people will have the tendency to find the highest point in their gardens. It is much simpler and energy efficient to install or fix it at ground level. When you have fitted the tank, do paint it with flat black paint. This way, the paint will be able to help the tank absorb or get as much energy from the sun’s rays as possible for your solar water heater.

Next, create a box out of plywood for the water tank. This is needed in order to place the tank in an upright manner since upright is the best option to create hot water. When you have the box done, insulate the inside of the box with fiberglass in order to reduce the amount of energy that may escape.

Put the plumbing fixtures and the pipes, then attach them at the bottom of the tank. These are the pipes that would carry water into the house. This is connected to the normal water heater in your house which is then attached to the solar water heater. Connect another set onto the top of the solar water heater. This in turn would run the regular water heater inside your house and functions mostly as a backup. When all of the plumbing is finished, put insulation tape on the pipes that are exposed. This will keep the pipes from freezing when it is very cold. When everything is put in place, you now have your very own solar water heater.


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