Inline Water Heaters

Inline Water Heaters
June 24, 2011 Lorelie
inline water heater

An inline water heater is a water heater that is directly connected to the plumbing system and heats the water directly through the use of electricity.  These water heater systems are part of tankless water heaters that eliminates the use of a reservoir.  These systems also come in a variety of styles and designs making them suitable for either residential or commercial water heating systems.

Residential inline systems are basically designed to raise the temperature on all taps of the house.  Although this is still a new type of water heating system in the United States, it has however existed for many years in Europe.  The main benefit into using the type of water heating system is that it eliminates the need to store water, as storing heated water can sometimes be costly because once the heated water cools down, the water needs to be reheated back to temperature.

Another advantage into using a tankless inline water heating system is that it does not have the potential to cause flooding or water damage inside the house due breakdown or clogged overflow valve.  The disadvantages of using storage tank water heaters potentially damage the area where the storage tank is located.

These days, there are numerous manufacturers the produce inline water heaters.  While most models or units use electricity as their main source of heating energy, there are some models or units that utilize propane or gas to generate the needed heat.  This draws the question on whether gas and propane inline water heater models are effective and efficient enough to generate hot water as compared to electrical models.

Traditional water heaters that use storage tanks are capable only of providing hot water depending on the size of their storage tank.  Once the tank has been emptied, it needs to be refilled and heated.  However, with an inline system, this problem is non-existent as it can provide an endless supply of hot water without having to worry about if some would be left for the next person to use the shower.

Inline water heaters will heat water only once it is on-demand.  This will require you to run the tap for several seconds to a few minutes before you have hot water.  Although some claim that this generally make the utility bills to run high, there are some who claims it’s far lower as compared to the usual reheating process needed by storage tank water heaters.

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