Water heater?

Water heater?
October 20, 2015 Lorelie

How do you drain the water heater, or is this necessary?

A water heater must never be drained except if your planning to get rid of it. You water heater ought to be "flushed" about one time a year. Which is simple to perform. Just attach a water hose to the "boiler drain" on the bottom of water heater. and turn it on. This will definitely flush out any sediments that accumulate at the bottom of the heater. However the heater is never drained, water just flushes it out. This will help prolong the life of you water heater.

Emptying the water heater is recommended to remove debris to prolong the service life of the water heater. Turn off the heat source and the cold water inlet. Hook up a normal garden hose and open the drain connection at the base of the heater. Open up the cold water inlet and let it flush for a few minutes. Shut drain, fill heater and relight pilot or shut circuit breaker.

Sediment builds up inside more than time and a water heater should be drained. First shut off the gas valve and then the water supply. open the water spigot at the base and let it drain. After that when it has quit open the supply to flush any staying sediment. Shut the spigot let the tank fill and re-lite the burner.

It is said that a water heater must be drained every 6 months. The a single thing to always keep in mind is that in case your water heater is more than a year old DO NOT DRAIN IT by the time a year rolls around there is scale within and if that scale is broken loose then you will clog the water heater. There is a spigot on the side that can be turned on like for a hose to drain it or a pull valve with a small lever and a pipe coming out running to the floor just pull the lever until the water comes out and hold it up till empty. remember to turn the heating supply gas or electric off prior to draining also since you can in fact burn a hole in the tank if there is no water in the tank. As soon as the tank is about 1/4 full you can safely turn the heat back on though. If you do drain it drain it COMPLETELY, refill somewhat, drain again and then fill it up. Remember the water coming out is hot so be meticulous.

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