Why you should opt for Tankless Water Heaters

Why you should opt for Tankless Water Heaters
October 20, 2011 Lorelie

Whether you are building a house from the ground up or simply renovating, you can choose to add tankless water heaters as your primary water heating equipment as not only are they very functional and energy efficient, but they also cover less space in the house, offering you a neat and tidy alternative as opposed to using bulky storage tank water heating systems.  This is perhaps the very reason why tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular with households nowadays.

Finding the best makers of tankless water heaters is a lot easier thanks to the internet.  Using the internet, you will find the best brands along with user reviews so you can quickly determine which model and brand is the right one for you.  Sad to say, there are still people who are sticking to what they’ve always known and remain loyal to the more traditional storage tank water heater.  This is mostly because they never had the chance to be introduced to the latest water heating technology.

Aside from the space saving opportunity that tankless water heating systems offer, one of the best advantages they have as compared to the storage tank types is that they are able to provide continuous supply of heated water.  This allows you to use it without ever having to worry about the tank running out of hot water as the unit instantaneously heats the water as it passes through its heating elements.  Once the water passes through these heating coils, the water that comes out of the tap will be hot.  This means you can continuously take a hot shower, even if there were 5 people who went ahead of you, without having to wait for the tank to fill up and reheat.  As a matter of fact, a tankless water heater actually works in the same principle as how an espresso machine works.  Since an espresso machine does not have a hot water storage tank, the cold water that passes through its heating coils gets heated and comes out hot.

Everybody is familiar to how high their utility bills get when the cold seasons come and everybody knows all the same that this is because of their water heating system.  If you own a traditional storage tank water heater, you are well familiar with this scenario as traditional storage tank water heaters are known for consuming a lot of electricity.  This high expense on utility bill wants to make some people look for cheaper alternatives to having heated water.  If you are looking to save on utility bills, then you should opt for tankless water heating systems.

The reason why storage tank water heating units consume a lot of electricity is because they need to maintain the stored heated water in their tank at a certain minimum temperature.  This makes the unit spend countless hours trying to reheat the water inside at the said minimum temperature.  If the water temperature drops below that, the unit will turn on once again to reheat the water.  This constant reheating is what consumes a lot of power resulting in higher utility bills.  If you are looking to save money on utility bills, then a tankless water heater is your answer.

If you will be using a tankless water heating unit for the first time, you will notice the absence of a storage tank.  Instead of a tank, the unit will be installed directly to your water supply.  This is because the unit only turns on when you open specific taps in your home, such as the shower, clothes washer, and dish washer taps.  As soon as those taps are turned on, your water heating unit will instantaneously heat the water.  Although you will notice that hot water is not instant as you turn on the tap, once the heating unit has reached its optimum temperature, which is usually only several seconds, you will have continuous heated water and not worry about running out.

If you are used to storage tank water heaters, then you are familiar when the whole family has to shower one at a time, leaving the last to take the shower cold water.  If the last person wants to shower using hot water, that last person needs to wait until somewhere between 20 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on variables, before he/she can shower with hot water.  However, if your home uses tankless water heaters, the whole family can take their turns on the shower without running out of heated water.

The best part about having a tankless water heater is that you have total control over the temperature that comes out of the tap unlike with traditional storage tank water heaters where you can only adjust the temperature in single increments.  With a tankless type unit, you are able to turn up or turn down the temperature by as little as a degree at a time.  This will provide you with heated water that is hot enough to sterilize a baby bottles and other items.

Tankless water heaters are not limited to residential applications alone.  If you are in an industry that requires a good supply of heated water at one time, say 5 gallons per minute, then you may want to consider a light commercial tankless water heater.  This type of unit allows you to turn on several taps simultaneously.  In fact, these units can also be used for residential water heating applications, especially if the home has several taps that are often used at the same time.  The best part about these units is that since they are tankless, they allow you to save money on utility bills as the water heating unit does not run unless there is a demand for hot water.

Although there are certain downsides to tankless water heaters, there are still many advantages that tankless unit’s offer which is the very reason why many are substituting their traditional storage tank units into tankless types.  Not only are people able to save more on their utility bills in using them, but they also get to use more hot water as the heated water is not limited to the capacity of the tank alone.

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