Water Heaters Tips to Save Money and Conserve Energy

Water Heaters Tips to Save Money and Conserve Energy
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Water Heaters Tips

Water Heaters Tips - Save and Conserve Energy

Water Heaters Tips to Save Money and Conserve Energy. Even if you’re not ready to replace your water heater for an efficient one, you can still conserve energy and save your water bills from blowing up provided by the tips below. Below are the magic tricks on how to conserve energy and save money in your Water heaters.

water heater tips

Save Energy

Use Water Heaters with Energy Star® trademarks.  Energy Star rated Water Heater is extremely efficient. It can reduce your water consumption by 50% per year on average.

Save Energy by using Insulated Water Pipes

Pipe Insulation Reduces Energy Demand. Insulated hot water pipes can raise the effective hot water temperature at your shower head or faucet by 2°F to 4°F over the same water heater setting if the pipes were not insulated.

The benefit of using Insulated water pipe is that you don't need to insulate all the hot water piping but only the first 5 to 10 feet from the water heater. Use an insulation specially made for the specific diameter of your pipes. Securely fasten with zip ties or acrylic tape. The pipe insulation and fasteners are all readily available from the hardware store. So don’t be afraid to invest in Insulated Water Pipes and conserve energy today.

Water Heater Blanket or Jacket Project

When your water heater is not being used it is still storing hot water. And that's when it can lose heat through the walls of the tank if they are not well insulated. The Water heater is experiencing standby loss since it is heat lost while the heater is standing by for use.

Place a wet Blanket or Jacket on the water heater covering made of special insulation to reduce standby heat loss by 25% to 50%. By doing this you can save 4% to 9% of your water heating bill.

Older water heaters may not have come with an efficient amount of tank insulation. To see if your tank is a good candidate for a jacket, just touch it. It should not feel warm. If it does, then the tank is not well insulated and a candidate for this easy project.

Look for a blanket with an R-5 to R-10 rating. When installing, make sure to cut out areas so you can see safety markings and manufacturer data, thermostats and access covers. Leave a 2" clear cut out around the gas valve and access door to the burner.

Reduced Water Cost by Reducing Your Hot Water Demand

The easiest way to reduce your hot water expense is to use less hot water. Use water heater only important instances like during cold weather. Refrain from using it on not important things to do around your household.  Also there are some easy ways to do this without sacrificing the civilized convenience of hot water. Such as fixing the leak in the faucet and lowering the flow of your shower heads.

Reduced Water Cost by fixing the Leak in the Faucet

Have a monthly check up on the faucet if there is leakage in it. Check the cartridge, compression washer and other parts of it which may cause leakage. Leaky faucets can waste many gallons of water a month. How you repair them depends on the type you have.

Reduced Water Cost by Lowering the Flow of Shower Heads

Changing to a low flow shower head is a great and easy way to save hot water. Pre-1992 showers heads can use a wasteful 6 to 10 gallons per minute (GPM). Current models provide a comfortable shower with only 2.2 GPM. Shower heads also needs maintenance and check up in order to function well and won’t waste water.

There a lot of ways to conserve energy and save money. Some of these could save you also from buying a new one. Some of these tips could be a great start-up for you to discover more ways to conserve the energy of your water heaters and save your bills blow up. The most important to do is how you take care of your Water Heater; they need care and maintenance as well as they care for you, especially during winter season.

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