System Installation

System Installation
November 10, 2015 Lorelie

What to Expect

Set up can take one to two whole days to finish, relying on the system you've selected. They could get rid of roof tiles and they will need to have to turn off water, gas and electricity during the setup. Installers may need to have entry to the roof and ceiling space as well as inside and outside the home.

Exactly What to Do

While your installer is on location, make certain which you have all the information and records required to house applications for any appropriate rebates and benefits. For all units consisting of electrical source (e.g. heat pumps and any type of system with an electric boost), remember that your installer must be a licensed electrician as well as a licensed plumber.

Post Installation

So that you can be positive that the installation of your fresh water heater fulfills all governing demands, ask for a Certificate of Compliance from your installer. Before your installer leaves your property, create confident that you have clear directions on how to run your new water heater, so which you know how to run your system and what maintenance is demanded to ensure optimal performance. Chitchat to your installer about having your hot water system regularly inspected and serviced. It is important that you follow the manufacturer's suggestions for maintenance.

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