Old Water Heater Disposal

Old Water Heater Disposal
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Most homes have a Water Heater that provide homeowners with a plentiful supply of hot water. The tank fills up, the unit heats the water and the hot water is expelled from the faucets in your home. When water heaters break or when you need to upgrade to a different size or style. It is important to know how to properly dispose of old water heater. They cannot be placed on the curb on trash-collection day, but there are a few ways to get rid of them. When replacing a water heater, it's not always possible to simply put the old water heater on the curb for the trash men to pick up. Old water heater contain chemicals that are not appropriate for landfills. Regulations vary by state so disposing of old water heater properly usually means doing some research and calling in a professional in some cases.

Six Ways to Dispose Old Water Heater

Step 1. Turn the water heater power off.

Make sure that it is off before taking any of the parts off or draining the water. It is always best to double check that the water heater if its in the “off” position before taking action to prevent any significant safety hazards.

Step 2. Disassemble and drain the old water heater.

Once it has been removed from the electrical connection in the wall and allowed to cool, connect a length of hose to the drainage valve on the water heater. Run the hose to an area that won't be ruined by water, such as a floor drain or outside. Open the valve and allow the water to drain out of the water heater. Then, detach the water heater from the water pipes and take it outside.

Step 3. Contact city officials or local waste management department.

Find out if your area has an appliance recycling program. If it does, take the hot water heater to the designated location. Alternatively, find out if you can place the hot water heater with your regular trash on a community recycling day.

Step 4. Check with the local garbage disposal and recycling management facility in the community.

They will be able to say whether it is legal to dispose of a water heater in a landfill and, if it is legal, whether the local trash collector can pick up the water heater along with the regular trash. Find out if the recycling facility pays cash for the piece as most facilities profit from stripping and recycling the metal components of the unit.

Step 5. Check out the community utilities' Web sites.

Some trash and water treatment facilities hold special events in which they will come pick up old hot water heaters and other large, potentially toxic appliances free of charge and dispose of them properly. Visit a recycling or steel industry Web site, such as the Steel Recycling Institute, to find a company that specializes in recycling large, steel objects such as water heaters. The majority of recycling companies will pick up old water heaters and other appliances at your home, most free of charge.

Step 6. Ask a Professional if you wait to get rid of your old water heater.

When you get a new water heater, you may be able to have a professional discard it for you. Many times the professional water heater installer may be able to take your old water heater out of your home and dispose it properly.

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