Portable Water Heaters

Portable Water Heaters
November 17, 2011 Lorelie

We all love taking hot showers.  That is a given fact whether you live in the cold regions or in the not so cold regions.  This is because a hot shower helps to refresh and rejuvenate your muscles not only from the stresses of work, but also when the weather feels a bit chilly.  This makes having a water heater, regardless of type, essential for many homes.  In short, it is a convenient household equipment to have.

Spending some time on the great outdoors with your family or friends can be a great way to rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of city living.  It not only gives you quality time with them, but it also allows you to be close to nature.  Going camping has always been a good past time for many as getting close to nature and leaving all the modern conveniences of life happens be a great and worthwhile experience. It somewhat gives you a glimpse on what it is like not to have the things you take for granted, such as TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning, heating, microwave, oven, computers, internet, and other stuff you usually don’t bother giving a second look.

For some, camping is a family occasion that they do once a year.  They treat camping as a fun and memory-building opportunity that they can share with their family.  The truth is, camping is really great.  The only problem with camping is that it’s hard taking hot bath.  In order to take a hot bath, some people boil water in kettles or pans and mix the heated water with cold water on a large container.  This is a method often used by campers which can be quite troublesome.  While it is true that you are doing things the more traditional way, it doesn’t always have to be like that.  A hot bath should always be a hot bath which means you do not need to go back to the more traditional way as it is simply more convenient to have a portable water heater.

There are actually many brands that offer portable water heaters such as Coleman, Rheem, Lakewood, Zodi, Kenmore, Ecotemp, and many more. Many of these models are constructed using durable steel frames that can withstand the wear from frequent traveling.  Some units are equipped with batteries, some are powered by propane, and some can be plugged-in your car’s cigarette lighter plug.

The main reason for buying portable water heaters is not for luxurious reasons, but because you find a need for it whenever you travel and explore the great outdoors.  The best part in having a portable unit is you can allow children to use it without worrying about them getting scorched by boiling water.  The truth is portable water heaters are not simply for camping alone as you can also bring it when going on a vacation in a mountain cabin.

The Coleman portable water heater comes with a collapsible 5-gallon water container and can heat 40 gallons of water using only a 16.4 oz propane cylinder.  The unit comes with an on/off switch which also operates the igniter.  The unit is capable of heating cold water in less than five seconds and pumps out water using a rechargeable battery pump.  It has a foldable spout that swings out so you can have access to heated water.   The best part about the Coleman portable water heating unit is that it is very portable that you can bring not just during your camping trips, but also during your fishing trips and other outdoor activity.

The Zodi Outback Gear portable water heater comes in single and double burner showers.  A single burner requires 1 propane cylinder and a double burner requires 2 propane cylinders.  The pump of the unit runs using a 6 volt 4 D-cell batteries and can be attached to any water source or container to provide you with the hot water you need.  The unit is also equipped with an ignition switch to facilitate easy startup.  The Zodi portable water heater also has several accessories, including an 8-foot hose with a multi-face shower head.  An additional shower stall can be purchased which is a frame covered with a lightweight tarpaulin-like cover.  This not only provides you with a hot shower, but also some privacy when taking it.

The Zodi portable water heater has a high impact storage case which can also serve as a 4-gallon container.  This is enough to supply you with hot water when you need it.  The Zodi water heating unit is also very portable, making it very convenient to carry when traveling.  Its compact form factor allows it to be tucked neatly inside its carrying bag.

As with most portable devices, the portable water heater has its own advantages as well as limitations.  These limitations are quite prevalent when you are in a really cold environment.  Nevertheless, the advantages of having a portable water heating unit still make up for its limitations.  The list below shows some of the advantages in having a portable water heater.

  • If you have the unit, you can have heated water each time you need it when on the great outdoors.
  • The unit has a temperature adjustment setting so you can adjust it according to your liking whenever taking a shower or bath.  Some portable units even have 5-gallon containers which is enough for a quick shower.
  • The pumps that the units have run on rechargeable batteries.  However, it pays to check the charge of the batteries before leaving home.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a dead pump.  Unless of course you have a spare battery with you.
  • Similar to other water heaters, the heated water from these units can also be used for cooking, washing dishes and laundry.

Having a portable water heating unit can really be helpful when you are outdoors camping.  However, it is still important to ask yourself whether you really need to have the unit.  While it is true that it makes some camping details convenient, if you hardly go camping at all, then it will not serve its purpose.  In the event you plan on buying one, it is highly recommended that you check for the durability and quality of the unit before buying them.

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