Hot Water Heater Leak Repairs

Hot Water Heater Leak Repairs
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Hot water heater leaking is not a rare problem, especially if your water heater is not new. However, not always a leaking hot water heater suggests that you replace it for a new one right away. Leaks may be caused by minor problems, occurred to different parts of a water heater. Repair leaky hot water heater extends life and save your budget. If your water heater develops a leak, it's probably coming from the temperature-pressure relief valve. When this valve senses too much pressure it releases water. If the leak is coming from the temperature-pressure relief valve it may need to be replaced. This requires your immediate attention because if too much pressure builds up in your water heater, it could explode. If you are capable of handling plumbing repairs you can replace the valve yourself; if not, you should call in a plumber. As always, refer to the user manual for your water heater for specific instructions and information on replacement parts.

Problem 1. Drainage Problem

Drainage problem when water is coming from the outside to that part of the house, where the water heater is located. Inspect all the tubs of the water heater to find out from where the leak is originating.


All fittings on the water heater have to be tightened, making use of a wrench. That will stop leaks at a joining point. The water supply to the water heater at the source of the leak has to be turned off.

Problem 2. Water Condensation

Water could have condensed at the bottom of water heater, especially if there are some openings there.

Solution: Examine your water heater carefully to determine where exactly water is leaking from.

Problem 3. Drain Valve Leak problem

The nut, which holds down the drain valve must be in place and has to be tightened, particularly if the drain valve happens to be the place from which the leak is caused. Once the water is turned back on, you need to inspect it again for a leak.


If the leak persist, turn off the water supply and drain the tank from the drain valve. For that, you have to turn the knob on the drain valve counter clockwise. The drain valve has to be removed using a wrench when the tank is drained. It has to be replaced making use of a new valve.

Problem 4. Vent Clogs

The vent of the water heater has to be inspected for clogs. Clogs in the vent could be responsible for leaks. The vent is likely to be at the top of the water heater and is referred to as the flue.

Solution: Remove obstructions by hand after turning off the water heater.

Problem 5. Pipe fittings still leak after tightening

Pipe fittings have to be removed, should they still leak after tightening. The threads of the pipe have to be wrapped making use of a plumbers tape for sealing the fitting.


The fitting has to be tightened in place and the water has to be turned on again. The fitting has to be inspected for leaks. The pipe of the fitting has to be replaced if it continues to leak.

Problem 6. Hot Water Heater Leaking From Top

One of the most frequent causes of hot water heater leaking from top is the Water flex lines from above. If flex lines go bad, water heater leaks from top.


Shut water off, remove insulation around the flex lines, and inspect the flex lines for damages. If the flex lines need replacement, do that to fix the leakage problem.

Problem 7. Hot water heater is overheating

If your water heater is overheating, it may increase a buildup of pressure as well. Inspect the status of temperature and pressure valve. This problem may be caused by improper work of the house pressure regulator.


To fix this, check if the house pressure regulator is working normally. If it’s OK and the temperature and pressure valve are the culprit of leakage, you will have to replace it. This one is a more complicated repair than replacement of flex lines, so it may be better to trust this work to a professional plumber. If you still opt for that yourself, make sure that both hot water and pressure are off the line before you start.

Problem 8. Hot Water Heater Leaking From Bottom

Hot water heater leaking from bottom often happens due to old drain valve because it fails to shut off completely after water draining.


The problem can be fixed temporarily if you cap the drain valve using a hose cap. The better solution is to replace the drain valve. Before you begin working on the repair, shut off hot water and drain the water heater down. Note that when it’s not easy to determine the source of leakage, you need to remove access panels to the temperature setting.

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