Water Heater Sizes

Water Heater Sizes
November 22, 2013 Admin
Water Heater Sizes

Water Heater Sizes - Which one is perfect for your family!

water heaterHalf of the total number of household with water heaters might have the wrong machine. Though a lot of owners have been very happy and satisfied as to how water heater works on their daily living, a lot still have negative feedbacks on how this water heater machine works. The top concerns are as follows:

 1.       My Water Heater doesn’t supply the right amount of hot water my family needs in one day.

2.       From the time I had this water heater at home, there has been a huge amount of difference on my electric bill. Having this machine cost me a lot from the purchase, installation and now on my bill.

3.       My water heater is way too small for my family’s use.

4.       I’m having trouble with my water heater, since I bought the machine I always call for help to fix it.

5.       How will I know that I’m buying the right water heater that can supply just enough for my family?

6.       Does water heater have sizes? Which one is perfect for my needs?

Water heaters work efficiently on meeting up your household needs if you have the right machine size. A properly sized water heater is what any purchaser must always consider to avoid the wrong purchase.

Tankless Water Heaters

 Tankless Water Heater System works by heating the water directly without using any storage tank. It heats up water on your actual use. Unlike any other types of heaters this water heater does not continually do the heating process of the water inside a tank.

This type of water heater is basically sized by determining the temperature and flow rate you need on your whole house including the bathroom and kitchen.

-          The very first thing to that you need to do is take note of the estimated hot water demand you and your family use at a particular time. Adding it then on your desired flow rate gallons per minute.

-          Determining the temperature rise of your tankless water heater is done by subtracting the incoming temperature from the temperature output you want.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters are also known as demand-type water heater, these types of heaters are much of an energy and money saver.

The sizing of solar water heaters usually needs the total collector area to be determined as well as its storage volume.

-          There are guidelines that need to be followed by contractors to get an estimated collector area by noting it down on a worksheet or in computer software perhaps.

-           50 gallon storage tank is ideal for families with 2 to 3 members. 80 gallon storage tank is great for 4 family members. For families with 6 to 8 members, the larger sized tank is the most appropriate.

Storage Water Heaters

 A storage water heater as it name appears uses a storage tank to maximize its heating capacity. It can provide instant hot water. These types of water heaters can be classified into two: Electric-powered and Gasoline.

Sizing up a storage water heater may need the use of first hour rating or the number of gallons of hot water the machine can supply per hour. It may depend on the capacity of the heater itself.

-          Create estimation, in one day, what time your family need to use most of hot water? Is it morning, afternoon/noon or evening? And then count in the number of people using it as well.

You might be wondering how this water heater sizing up matters? There are actually a lot of reasons why this seems to be very important, but here are some of the reasons that you should consider:

1.       Having the right size of water heater can save energy. Therefore you will no longer have to worry with your electric bill.

2.       You and your family will no longer experience any shortage of hot water every day.

3.       It can save you money. Yes! Buying the appropriate size of water heater for your family can save you money, especially if you have a small family. Therefore, there is no reason for you to buy the big size water heater because there is an enough size of heater intended for you which is cheaper.

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