Water Heater Parts

Water Heater Parts
September 20, 2013 Admin
Water Heater Parts

water heater parts

Water Heater Machine Parts. Water is considered an essential need to every home. Apart from being so useful in the kitchen, hot water is no doubt important to majority of homeowners for bathroom use, including garden and garage cleaning. Isn’t it ideal to take a warm bath after a long day? A warm bath as studies shows, leads to a calm blood circulation which is very healthy and relaxing to anyone.

The regular water we usually use at home takes a journey to at least 3 pipes as part of the whole system, which is good as it keeps the water clean and safe for consumption, however this would lead to a cold flowing water at your home’s faucets and showers. In the old days, water heating has already been part of household essentials but people have their own typical way of doing it. A kettle is what they usually use for heating water, very old style yet effective at that time. Moreover, in the modern days, in which people seems to be in a rush almost everyday for work or other activities, the old way of heating water could no longer be a convenient way since it can take time. Today, the very easy way to get warmer water as you wish in every second of every day, is by installing a water heater machine to your very own home.

Water heaters are now considered an important home fixture to more than 70 percent of the overall population in the US. Water heaters can be very advantageous, however wrong purchase would also be very possible if you lack knowledge about the product itself. Before purchasing a water heater, the essence of knowing every parts and accessories the machine contains typically stands importantly to get the right item for you and your family’s convenience.

Water Heater Parts:

 1.    Water Heater Tank – This is where the water is being hold up for distribution. Depending on its size, the tank can carry a capacity of 40 gallons to 60 gallons (equivalent to 50 to 100 PSI). It is made from high-quality metal which guarantees a safe water source.

2.    Water Heater Pipe – Whenever the water heater is used, in order for the hot water to be distributed to the whole household, it takes a flow to the heat-out pipe and is then released to every individual pipes connected to your kitchen, bathrooms, garage and garden. It is placed over the top of the machine interior.

3.    Water Heater Tube – The regular pipe which where the source of water flows, is connected to this tube, leading the water to the tank for heating.

4.    Water Heater Valves

Shut Off – It controls the flow of water towards the water heater. It literally shuts off the flow of water, usually placed above the machine.

Pressure – It controls the heat of the machine ensuring the unit’s safety function.

Drain - Located on the utmost bottom of the machine, this valve is very useful when cleaning the heater and when moving the unit to another location.

5.    Water Heater mechanism – Implies the whole function of the machine, through this, the machine is capable of heating water in a safe and convenient way.

6.    Water Heater Thermostat – This device controls the level of heat. With this, you’ll be able to know the current temperature of water inside the heater.

7.    Water Heater Sacrificial anode rod – Made durable for long-lasting span usage.


1. Water Heater Replacement Flammable Vapor Sensor
2. Threaded Dip Tube
3. Programmable Outlet Thermostat
4. Wall-Mount Water Heater Restraint Systems
5. Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat
6. Soft belt-style water heater straps support up 80 gallon water heaters
7. Water Heater Drain Valve
8. Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve Extended Shank
9. Heavy-Duty Element Removal Wrench
10. Water Heater Vent Power Kit
11. 120 Gallon Water Heater Strap
12. 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
13. EcoStat Mercury Free Mechanical Heating and Cooling Thermostat
14. Programmable Thermostat
15. Digital Thermostat
16. Standard Heating and Cooling Thermostat
17. Watts E-75 Water Heater Straps
18. Water Heater Connectors Corrugated
19. Water Heater Pan
20. Water Heater Timer

The water heater itself can be very impressive as it works entirely to your very own home, however with the top-notch accessories, it can surprise you even more, making its whole function advanced and innovative.

Supplying your machine some parts and accessories have advantages and disadvantages as well. If you were able to pick the right one, the chances of a longer time span of its operation is to be expected, but if you have installed the wrong accessories, it can possibly cause breakage or damage to your machine which can affect its overall function. Be vigilant on your choices, make sure you know what your machine needs, especially its type and brand. There are tons of choices out there all you need to do is to be wise enough on making your selection whether you are buying online or on a nearby store.


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