Electric Timer Water Heater

Electric Timer Water Heater
July 5, 2013 Admin
Electric Timer Water Heater

Electric Timer Water Heater

Water heaters can be very useful, but for some reasons, it can give you much bigger charges, like for such your monthly electric bill if you’re using the electric-powered water heater. Since the machine is made clearly with such disadvantage, experts understand this and made a perfect solution to it. There is this called Electric Water Heater Timer, which works as an automatic device attached to the machine for time setting.

Electric Water Heater Timer is made for energy saving purposes, since mostly of the machine eats almost 220V. Just imagine using the heater every day, no doubt why you pay almost half of the added amount to your usual bill every month. Of course, the energy consumed by the machine itself depends on its time of usage.

Having a hectic schedule every day, it would definitely be a hassle to keep an eye to the device all the time. For example, you have a scheduling of water heater usage, every morning/afternoon (5am to 1pm) and in the evening (6pm-10pm), therefore you have to turn off the heater whenever not in use from the specific time intended. What if you fail to do that every day, because you’re just too busy for work or school and forgot to turn it off? Then maybe you’ll just leave the machine as it is? That won’t do! It would be a great waste of money and energy. Water heater timer works best on this kind of scenario, simply because it obeys and follows automatically the on and off time-set to it, which means, there will be no more monitoring just to make sure the machine is working or not since the timer simply does the work for you.


How to Install the Timer?

1.  First, identify your water heater’s power volts. Make no place for uncertainty because purchasing the timer depends on it. If your heater is 220V, then make sure you also purchase a timer that fits to a 220V water heater. (To know if it is a 220V or 120V, check on the label, usually found on the side of the machine)

2.  Prepare all the materials you need for the installation. Be sure that you bought the right cords/wires and timer, which fits your heater. Go to the nearest hardware store in your place and ask for assistance. (220 Volt water heater – 220 Volt Timer)

3.  Timers usually have a case along with when purchased. Take it out first and mount the case to the wall not so far from the machine.

4.  Before making any connections, turn off the breaker first for safety purposes and to avoid electric shocks.

5.  Remove the electric cord from your water heater and connect it to the timer.

6.  Connect the ends of the cord you newly bought to the timer and the other end to the heater.

7. Put then the timer inside its case (mounted on the wall) and make sure it is well-screwed from the wall.

8.  Set then the timer and turn on the breaker once again.

The product comes with an installation and instruction manual, however if you are not that knowledgeable with electric cords and stuffs, please let a professional electrician do it for you.

Water heater timers are truly very useful and a real energy saver. It is the greatest solution ever made by many users of such machine all over the world. Though the timer proves its effective work already, there are still additional facts and tips on how to lessen your electric charges:

1.  Never turn on hot water whenever you are using cold water. Once the hot water is turned on, the cold water immediately runs through the heater which makes the machine work more and consume more energy.

2.  If there are broken pipes or any leak problems, contact a piper immediately.

3.  Keep you water heaters clean. Dirty heaters will consume more energy.

4.  Save water and reduce consumption. Don’t just leave a faucet or a shower on unattended.

5.  It is recommended to wrap up your water heater and pipes with insulation.

6.  As much as possible, turn down your thermostat.

With the help of water heater timer and for being a responsible user, you surely will save at least 20% of your total electric bill a month. It is just fair to invest on any product if the quality you get is reasonable and of course if you are positive that you can benefit from it.


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