Best Location for Water Heater

Best Location for Water Heater
December 13, 2013 Admin
Best Location for Water Heater

The Best Location for Water Heater Installation

Best location for water heater. After a long day, everyone of us would always want to have a hot shower. But not all of us are equipped with the right machine that can do the heating job in seconds. There are some who have the machine already but made the wrong purchase.

Water Heaters are now considered as one of the most operative machine every house could have. Who doesn’t need hot water? I bet no one, because all of us do need it! As a matter of fact 75% of US homes have Water Heaters installed.

Water heating has been already a practice by many families ever since, the only difference now is brought along by technology, making it easier for a lot of homeowners to enjoy the use of hot water for everyday use without taking much of their time.

Never could be denied that there is always an advantage and disadvantage to any product, but the good thing about water heater is that, solutions are always available for action. Just as how you worry with your water heater system bill, this might be a little surprising, but did you know that the placement of your water heaters can actually affect the amount of your usual bill? Yes! That is true and has already been proven by many.

I suppose you are already aware of the different Water Heater types. Actually, none of the different Water Heater kinds you have known are useless. Truthfully speaking, all of it is proven to be effective and a real must-have! However, there are ones which excels the most when we talk about savings. It’s always awesome to own a water heater but it’s even great if you are using a Tankless Water Heater if you want to cut down about 10-15% of your bill, however using the traditional water heater machine is always recommended if your target of budget is the water bill.

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The Perfect Location

 You might want to consider the distance of your water heater location. Just so you know, if your water heater is exactly far from where you always need it the most, then that would start out with the problem. The reason behind this is that the water still needs to travel from the heating system to your faucets and showers at home and as for the usual it needs power to run, which is why the longer the water travels, the longer power it uses. Compared to the other scenario, especially if you are using the tankless one (which heats water on the actual use and doesn’t store on a tank) the need of power or electricity is lesser if it is placed to the nearest location of your house.

Make sure that it is installed on a properly ventilated space, not too cold, and not too hot. It should be on the place where it is safe and secure, preferable with a roof. Keep it out of reach of children and if possible on a close area where no one can easily get in.

The responsibility of keeping your water heater clean and well-maintained is carried by the owner itself. The maintenance of the heater doesn’t count much time, as a matter of fact it only requires at least twice a year to be flushed. You can do it yourself or pay for a maintenance service.


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