Benefits of switching to Solar Water Heaters

Benefits of switching to solar water heaters. Solar Water Heaters is gaining popularity as their benefit is now numerous and considered by many consumers. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and solar water heaters depends on these and these what makes solar water heaters cost saving and energy efficient. If you have determined that there’s enough sun in your area then you have a good place to put a solar water heater. You’ll be doing the environment a favor to install one. Plus, you’ll save money too.

solar water heater

Having half of all households use solar water heaters might not be such a tall order. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), there are 1.5 million solar water heaters already in use in U.S. homes and businesses. Solar water heater systems can work in any climate and EESI estimates that 40 percent of all U.S. homes have sufficient access to sunlight such that 29 million additional solar water heaters could be installed right now.

1. You can save money on your water heating costs. By using the sun’s free energy you can reduce your hot water energy consumption by 50% to 90% depending on where you live. That’s up to 90% less gas or electricity which needs to be produced. And most likely, your water-heating electricity use will be cut by at least half. How much you actually save depends on the climate where you live.

2.  You can help reduce air pollution. A 50 % reduction in traditional (emitting) energy use means a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. So installing a solar water heater would reduce your hot-water carbon footprint by half. At the same time, you’re conserving non-renewable fuels for applications for which there are currently no easily available renewable energy sources.

3. You can save energy. Solar water heater use solar energy which is a free and renewable source of energy. Nobody owns the sun, so solar energy is free and renewable because solar energy cannot be depleted for as long as the Sun keeps on shining.These systems use solar energy which helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, improving our energy security and energy independence in the process by reducing the need for expensive foreign fuel import.

4. You can save the environment. Not only will you make big savings on your energy costs, using the sun’s free energy is great for the environment. A family of four with a Solahart water heater can save up to 3 or 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a conventional electric water heater. That’s the same as taking a small car off the road, so you can imagine the benefits for our future generations and the future of the planet.

5. Solar water heating systems are very cost effective in sunny and warm places with high insolation values. These sunny and warm places are near the equator. But those living in the cold region, direct heater models (batch, thermosiphon and direct-active) might be unavailable to you due to the risk of freezing.

6. Many countries around the world offer favorable incentives for the installation of solar water heating systems. These incentives offered may possibly lower your end cost.

7. Although these systems have low maintenance costs. It’s important to remember, that you’ll make that money back, which is relatively in average between 5-10 years. But how long it takes to recoup the upfront investment depends on where you live, how much hot water you use, and the cost of electricity.

8. You can build your own solar water heating systems and there is a higher chance that you can lower the installation costs. But most people get it installed by experts since there’s usually roof work involved.  Some countries even offer the option of leasing solar water heating systems which can significantly decrease initial costs.

Because of the benefits of using solar water heaters, you can save the environment, save money and save energy. If we open our eyes and see the benefits renewable energy sources and use it efficiently and effectively, we can come up with more innovative products developed for renewable energy sources. We don’t need to drill the arctic for diesel, drill the natural gases in the sea bed or even burn coal and most of all depend on nuclear power plant. Also because of the benefits of solar water heating, adding a unit to your home will also increase its value. So you could end up getting back whatever money you put into a solar heating system when you sell your house.

Water Heater Repair Tips

Quick, effective and useful water heater repair tips. Water heaters are important in each and every home since they’re necessary for every house chore starting from cleaning to cooking food.  There are several frequent problems that we encounter frequently in water heaters for instance lukewarm water, cold water, and water leakage and so on. Quite often your water heater breaks down abruptly and regrettably you cannot locate any repairman immediately to fix it. The following are several factors behind water heater damages which are typical as well as the practical ways that you could do in order to avoid them from happening.water heater tips

1. Rusty Water

When you observe rusty water eminating from the water heater, it should be the chance to examine carefully the water heater. This can be triggered as a result of corrosion inside the tank. One more reason could be the sacrificial anode rod. In the event that the anode breaks down, the corrosion occurs within the water tank then the water from it become corroded or rusty in terms of color. To solve it, it is possible to switch the anode rod with a new magnesium rod that can be easily obtain in most of the sanitation supply shops in your area.

2. No Hot Water or Not Enough Hot Water

This problem might be the result of a present destroyed dip tube that enables hot and cold water to combine or perhaps the result of incorrect set up of water heater wherein both hot and cold water pipes are crossed or likely the water heater equipment isn’t just big enough that it is incapable of fulfil the demand sufficiently.

To fix it, you ought to make sure that your water heater isn’t overtaxed. When there is a requirement for 30 gallons of water, you need to have a 40 gallon in the water heater. This is due to the fact that 75% of its capability is necessary for hot water. In case the dip tube is broken, open up the inlet pipe and remove the dip tube. When it is in bad condition, change it straight away. Furthermore determine if the burner is functioning well or not.

3. Smell like rotten eggs

In the event that the water emerging from the water heater tank has the scent of rotten eggs, it could be a sign of bacterial infection in the water. As a result of excessive sedimentation hydrogen gas is generated and bacteria feast upon this mixed hydrogen. To get rid of this problem, you must include 3% of concentrated hydrogen peroxide throughout 40 gallons of water. Allow the solution to take 2 hours and after that fill up the water tank with water. No more rotten egg smell in your heated water!

The do it yourself solutions above will let you fix your water heater problems without the need of the plumber services. Now, you can freely say good bye to rusty water, smelly water or no hot water problems.


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